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Nomophobia becomes People's Word Of 2018 By Cambridge Dictionary

Cambridge Dictionary has declared Nomophobia (Nomophobia) as Word of the Year 2018

This word has been selected based on the votes given by the people. It means 'the fear of coming in without thinking of using mobile or using it.'

Each year, new words are added to Cambridge's online dictionary. The words that were added this year, the most popular and appropriate 4 words were shortlisted. After that, Cambridge Dictionary has urged their blog readers and social media followers to vote on these four words. With Nomophobia getting the most votes, it became the Word of the Year.

This year the Cambridge Dictionary's Word of the Year Race was 4 words. 4 you have already known that the title of Word of the Year was received, the rest were 3 ecocide, no-platforming and gender gap which meant something like this. Ecoside is made up of two words - ecosystem and suicides. EcoSide is said to destroy or damage the natural environment of any area.

No-platforming-no platform means that a person does not provide a platform to make his or her beliefs public. Gender gap- Gender gap means gender discrimination on the basis of gender i.e. different behavior with women and different behavior with men.