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China Space Manned Mission for Tiangong-2 Space Station, features



China’s space Manned mission to establish a space station known as Tiangong-2 by 2022

The space mission is accomplished to have such a facility in service as the current in service International Space Station which will retire in the year 2024.

The space Manned mission aims to conduct aerospace medical experiments, space science experiments and in-orbit maintenance with human participation and other activities.

The manned mission will also undertake various ultrasound experiments and cultivate planst in space.

China to also launch the experimental core module in the year 2018 which will be carrying a long March-5 heavy load carrier rocket

In the year 2022, China will sent a 20 ton combination space station in the orbit.

 The space station has been designed for the life upto 10 years in orbit of 400 kms above the earth surface.

After the launch of this space station China will be the second country after Russia which have developed a space station.


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