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India Meteorological Department new website launched: Features



India Meteorological Department new website launched: Features

Earth Sciences Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has launched a new website of India Meteorological Department  (IMD) on the foundation day of Ministry of Earth Sciences. 

Dr. Harsh Vardhan while launching the website said the Ministry is making a signification contribution to the betterment of the country through weather forecasting. 

Dr. Harsh Vardhan also said the weather department's forecasts help farmers in a big way. 

India Meteorological Department  (IMD)

India Meteorological Department (IMD) is the chief government agency for meteorological services in the country.

India Meteorological Department (IMD) was formed in 1875, IMD functions under the Ministry of Earth Sciences and is headquartered in New Delhi. It deals with everything related to meteorology, seismology and associated subjects like:

1. Undertaking meteorological observations and provide current information and forecasting information for the most favorable operation of weather-dependent activities such as irrigation, agriculture, aviation, shipping, etc.

2. Offering warnings against severe weather phenomenon such as tropical cyclones, norwesters, dust storms, heat waves, cold waves, heavy rains, heavy snow, etc.

3. Providing met-related statistics needed for agriculture, industries, water resources management, oil exploration, and any other strategically important activities for the country.

4. Engaging in research in meteorology and allied subjects.
Detecting and locating earthquakes and evaluate seismicity in various parts of the country for developmental projects.


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