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Indian Politics: Indian foreign relationship with Iran History, Features



Indian Politics: India and Iran have had an important impact in central Asia politically, socially as well as economically.

India is striding on its way to bolster its influence in central Asia in order to counterbalance the other contending power of the Republic of China.

To attain this it needs to have a cordial relationship with a nation that can side with India under the contentious situation.

We have seen how Nepal resorted to the Chinese options when the fuel supplies from India were cut off as a part of retaliation against the constitutional issue in Nepal.

Indian relationship with Iran was tenuous prior to the Iran nuclear deal as it had to reprimand the IPI (Iran Pakistan India) gas pipeline project.

Hillary Clinton, then U.S. Secretary of State, TEMPhas disclosed in her book Hard Choices at the main purpose of her short visit in May 2012 was to convince India to reduce its reliance on Iranian oil. Obligingly, India subsequently downgraded its commercial ties with Iran.

Now the  Nuclear deal is done India can has a productive political engagement with the Iranian government.

Strategically Iran is a point of interest to India. 


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