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International Day of Rural Women 15 October to eliminate poverty



United Nations recognised International Day of Rural Women celebration on 15 October to focus on farmers suffered due to climate change

The international Day of Rural Women will be acknowledged on 15th October every year.

This day highlights the significance and contribution of rural women in the society and in agriculture and aims at eliminating poverty, illiteracy and improving the food security in the rural areas.

43% of labour force is rural women, providing food across the world

There is one-fourth of the total population of rural women and contributing to 43% of the labour force, thus it is important to know the contributions and at the same time removing poverty and world hunger.

The agriculture labour force is located in the rural areas and they produce, prepare and process the food supplying to all the parts of the world, therefore it important to give them the food security and  improving livelihood.

This day is celebrated to comprehend the work of farmers, pastoralists and fishers who have suffered in the climate change due to rise in temperature.


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