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The Important Fact of Barak-8 Missile defence system

Barak-8 Missile: Features, Function and important in the defence system 

India has dealt with the Israeli missile system called Barak-8. By the way, it will be used specifically to protect the naval ships from air attacks, but the Indian Army and Indian Air Force will also be able to use it.

This missile is capable of preventing the enemy's attack from the wind and hitting enemy fighter air weapons and equipment in the air.

This is the LRSAM range missile. The full name of LRSAM is the Long Range Surface to Air Missile-LRSAM.

That is, there is the ability to attack enemy bases and properties within a very long distance inside this missile and it can target air from the ground itself.

It is capable of hitting all types of air targets such as subsonic and supersonic missiles, fighter aircraft, aircraft deployed on sea patrol (MPA), helicopter etc.

It is also capable of countering the latest Generation Entry Ship Missile.

Barak missile length is about 4.5 meters and the diameter of the missile body (i.e. thickness) is 0.225 meters and weigh 275 kg.

Its weighted weighs 60 kg. Warhead is the next part of the missile in which it is explosive or chemical, that is, it is a kind of bomb. It is dropped on missiles, rockets or torpedoes on any target.

It has an antarctic potential of 70 to 90 kilometres, i.e., it can target targets ranging from 70 to 90 kilometres.

It is capable of carrying 70 kilograms of weight. It is capable of carrying nuclear weapons too.


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