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Waste Not: South Africa Makes World's First Human Urine Brick



Scientists from a University of South Africa have created the brick with the help of human urine. This new innovation is in search of eco-friendly building materials. That is, in future, better use of human urine can be expected and it can prove to be important in building new homes or offices. Researchers hope that bio-bricks can open up the possibility of better options in the first innovation of their kind in the world.

The technique of making this brick with the help of urine is similar to the natural formation of oyster in the sea, which takes six to eight days to form. This new discovery is the brainchild of two students of Cape Town University and a teacher. On receipt of a grant from the Government Water Research Council, its practicality was studied with the help of synthetic urea last year and after this, human urine was used in the study.

Teacher Dylan Randall said, "I was always keen to know why we can not use urine for this work." They said, 'The answer is yes, we can do it.' A year later, he successfully made the first bio-brick in the laboratory.








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