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Symptoms of COVID-19 and diagnosed order of symptoms of CORONA



Probabilistic Diagnosed Order of Symptoms of COVID-19 

In the latest research published in Frontiers in Public Health magazine, for the pattern of symptoms of COVID-19 decoded for patients. According to the latest findings, the order of common symptoms of COVID-19 are:-

  1. Fever
  2. Cough
  3. Pain in muscles
  4. A feeling of Vomiting or Vomiting (upper gastrointestinal tract) and then
  5. Loo (lower gastrointestinal tract)

According to the researcher from South California University, the sequence of symptoms of COVID-19 will play a vital role in identifying this virus disease from other flu symptoms.

According to the research feeling of vomiting or vomiting appear earlier than loo in the case of COVID-19 patient as under influence of COVID-19 upper gastrointestinal tract gets affected before than lower gastrointestinal tract. This order is a vital role player in identifying the disease.

Usually, fever and cough are associated with various diseases related to breathing including Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and SARS-like viral diseases.

Patients with the above symptoms must take care of themselves and maintain social distancing to break the chain of viral infection. 

Points to remember to stop spreading of COVID-19 symptoms in the vicinity:

1. Always cover your nose and mouth with a clean cotton mask

2. Never cough in the open air

3. Always the main social distancing in public places

4. Avoid going into the crowd.

5. Keep washing your hands after touching anything not tidy.

6. Use sanitizer to kill any traces of germs, viruses, or bacteria.


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