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Kutchi-Sindhi Horse Recognised By Government of India: Details, Features, Highlights



Kutchi-Sindhi Horse Recognised By Government of India: Details, Features, Highlights

A very popular Kutchi-Sindhi horse breed as a desert horse in Chandigarh India has now been recognised by the Government of India.

Kutchi-Sindhi horse was registered on August 4 by the Breeding Registration Committee of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).

Kutchi-Sindhi horse was registered by scientists of National Animal Genetical Resources Bureau (NBAGR) situated in Karnal, Haryana. 

As per the report, Kutchi-Sindhi horse carries itself in a dry and semi-arid weather. It also has the ability to bear the maximum heat in worst hot conditions. It is almost a desert horse.

In India, there are four other species of horses namely Janskaris, Spiti, Bhutia, and Manipuri, besides Marwari and Kathianwadi horse species. Now the Kutchi-Sindhi horse has joined the list. Kutchi-Sindhi horse race has been recognized as the seventh species of horses in India. 

Kutchi-Sindhi breed horse in India is close to 4,000. The design of these horses is very attractive. His nose is like a Roman and there are curved ears, which do not touch each other. Their length is 56 to 60 inches. At the same time, their backs are small. 

Kutchi-Sindhi horse can also keep itself alive in the desert summer. Its nose consists of armor, which increases its stamina. This breed is often called Mustang (wild horse) of India.


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