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Delhi Police launches e-learning portal 'NIPUN' for training its personnel

Delhi Police launched the e-learning portal 'NIPUN' for training its personnel: Details, Features, Aim, Highlights

Delhi Police has launched an e-learning portal ‘Nipun’ to impart training and provide up to date information to police officers.

The Nipun e-learning portal is aimed at imparting in-service online training and information to police personnel through specialised courses available online which have been designed by experts in various fields.

The online courses on this portal have been designed in collaboration with University Grant Commission (UGC), FICCI, NHRC, NCPCR and Janaki Devi Memorial College, Delhi University under project CLAP “The Collaborative Learning and Partnership”. Delhi Legal Service Authority has also consented to be a partner in developing specific courses for the Delhi Police.

The Nipun e-learning portal will have online courses and resources on law, standing orders, investigation checklists, forms for case files, latest High Court and Supreme Court rulings.

The Nipun e-learning portal is envisioned that Investigating Officers (IOS) will be able to take benefit of this information during the course of their duty or while handling the case.

Through The Nipun e-learning portal, Delhi Police officers can now access information by just logging on the portal. They can take the course from anywhere at any time.

With the Nipun e-learning portal will make easier for the police officer to upgrade their skills and re-enforce their learning while balancing training time along with their daily routine work.


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