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Real Time Voice Banking Platform ‘FSS Voice Commerce’: Details, Features, Aim



Real-Time Voice Banking Platform ‘FSS Voice Commerce’: Details, Features, Aim, Highlights

IT service management company Financial Software Services (FSS) has recently launched 'FSS Voice Commerce', a real-time voice banking platform that offers customers, meaningful, contextual and personalized banking interactions.

FSS Voice Commerce enables banks to deepen customer engagement via conversation-led banking and deliver interactive service experiences to their customers.

FSS Voice Commerce uses machine-learning language processing techniques and offers meaningful, contextual, and personalized banking interactions to customers.

FSS Voice Commerce provides secure financial transactions to prevent fraud and maintain the integrity of transaction ecosystem it supports out-of-band multi-factor authentication like one-time passcodes (OTP) and biometrics.

FSS Voice Commerce also delivers conversation-led banking by enabling customers to block cards, check rate of interest (RoI) for a personal loan, real-time information of account and balance and make payment using Alexa or Google Assistant.


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