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World Password Day Celebrations On 1st Thursday of May Every Year



World Password Day Celebrations On 1st Thursday of May Every Year: Details, Aim, Significance, History

World Password Day is celebrated every year on 1st Thursday of May every year around the world. This year in 2019, it falls on 2nd May 2019.

World Password Day is celebrated to promote better password habits for digital protection for online shopping, dating, banking, social media, private work, and life communications.

World Password Day was designated according to the Registrar of National Day Calendar as first Thursday of the month of May of each year

World Password Day was the first time declared by a security researcher, Mark Burnett who encouraged people to have a “password day,” where they updated important passwords in his 2005 book Perfect Passwords.

Inspired by his idea, Intel Security took the initiative to declare the first Thursday of May every year as World Password Day. The declaration was done in May 2013.

Steps To Build Stronger Password 

1. Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA): This feature adds an extra layer of protection against someone trying to access personal accounts.

2. Use complex passwords: To ensure that the login passwords for laptops and mobile phones have complex passwords.

3. Use a password manager: Use an effective secured password manager that will create and store secure passwords.

4. Choose proper passwords: Create 1 really excellent password that is required to lock the central ‘password vault’.

5. Use unique passwords for online banking: Banking and other sensitive accounts where financial data is accessed and stored, need special passwords.


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