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GK Questions 14th May 2019 General Knowledge, Current Affairs

Daily GK Questions 14th May 2019 General Knowledge, Current Affairs

1. Which team has won IPL 2019 title? 

Ans:- Mumbai Indians (MI)

2.  Which Indian city is hosting the two-day WTO ministerial meeting??

Ans:- New Delhi

3. The International Monetary Fund has agreed to bail out which cash-strapped nation with $6 billion worth fund?

Ans:- Pakistan

4. The ISIS has announced the establishment of a new province in which among the following Indian states?

Ans:- Jammu and Kashmir

5. What is the name of Kerala's largest temple festival, which began on May 12, 2019?

Ans:-  Thrissur Pooran

6. Which nation has blocked social media platforms after the attack on mosques?

Ans:- Sri Lanka

7. Who won the Madrid Tennis Open title 2019?

Ans:- Novak Djokovic (Serbia)

8. Rain-loving snake species 'Smithophis Atemporalis' was discovered in which Indian state?

Ans:- Mizoram

9. Who won Spanish Grand Prix 2019?

Ans:- Lewis Hamilton 

10. What is the name of the famous folk singer who was also known as ‘Birha Samrat’ recently passed away?

Ans:- Hiralal Yadav

11. Lok Sabha Elections 2019 for 59 constituencies spread across 8 states will be held on what date?
Ans:- 19th May 2019
12. When is the Mother's Day 2019 celebrated.?

Ans:- 12th May 2019

13. ISRO has launched which Young Scientist Programme in May 2019?

Ans:- Yuvika-2019


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