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GK Questions 16th May 2019 General Knowledge, Current Affairs



Daily GK Questions 16th May 2019 General Knowledge, Current Affairs

1. Kailash Manasarovar Yatra will begin by which date?

Ans:- 8th June 2019

2. Which social media app got affected By ‘Targeted’ Spyware Attack? 

Ans:- WhatsApp

3.  Which institution directed 18 states, 2 UTs to submit an action plan on the utilization of treated wastewater?

Ans:- NGT

3. Which Department launched the MANAV: Human Atlas Initiative??

Ans:- Department of Biotechnology (DBT)

4. Which city recently declared environmental emergency after the City’s air quality sharply worsened as a result of a series of wildfires?

Ans:-Mexico City

5. Who has been appointed as Yes Bank’s Additional Director by RBI?

Ans:- R Gandhi

6. Which car manufacturing company has announced to abandon combustion engines by 2039?

Ans:- Mercedez Benz

7. The United Nations recently imposed sanctions on which terror group?

Ans:- ISIS-Khorasan

8. Who won the Women’s Singles Title in Madrid Open tennis?

Ans:- Kiki Bertens

9. A species of which snake has discovered in the eastern part of Odisha recently?

Ans:- Vine

10. What is the name of India's first woman female ICC match referee?

Ans:- GS Lakshmi 

11. Which extinct bird has recently re-appeared after the revaluation process?
Ans:- White-throated rail
12. Which international agency described that Moon is shrinking and shaking from millions of years?

Ans:- NASA

12. Which country was recently chosen as Co-chair of Consultative Group of Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery?

Ans:- India

13. When is the International Day of Families celebrated every year?

Ans:- 15th May

14. what is the name of Indian pilot captain for commercial flights became the world’s 1st woman to cross Atlantic Ocean solo in LSA?

Ans:- Aarohi Pandit 


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