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General Knowledge: How Hackers hack details from online shopping



Hackers steal money through online payments by hacking technology, fishing online user

Hackers stole money through online payments made by e-shopping and online bill payment.

All the users need to be aware when making online payments through computers and smartphones.

The hackers use different technology to hack the information of the user by Forming, Public Wi-Fi

Through Forming technology, the hackers try to mislead the user to go to the website which looks exactly same as original website.

After going to the website, the information of debit or credit card gets hacked.

A technique known as Key Stroke Logging where the user sometimes download the software which are fraudulent and the hackers stole the password and net banking detail.

Online payments done through Public Wi-Fi also enables the hackers to steal the information of the card.

Malware also helps the hackers to get the confidential information of debit or credit card.


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