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India: New Driving License Color, Format, Design, SIM, Security Features



Ministry of Transportation New Smart Driving License Color, Format, Design, SIM Card, QR Code Security Features

According to information released by the Ministry of Transportation, a uniform driving license will be arranged across India. Presently the States and Union Territories of India issue separate driving licenses.

According to the report, more than 25% of Indians have more than one license. Now everyone will have the same license. From July 2018, the driving license in all states and union territories will be one way.

In the new feature Smart Driving License, NFC features will work in the same way that works in Metro Cards and ATM cards. With the help of which traffic police personnel can easily get all the information related to the card with the help of the device.

Features of a new Driving License

The colour, format, design and security features of all licenses will be similar.

All the licenses will be issued in the form of a SIM card like Microchip and also the QR code.

The license to come in the new format will have the below Field Communication feature, which will facilitate traffic police.

The new license is likely to come from July next year. These will also be the symbols of the central and the state government.

A new license will also be written on the blood group. In addition, it will also be written that the license is valid for which category of a carriage.
In addition, there will also be a Metro field and the Near Field feature available in the ATM Card.


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