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Cambridge Analytica Scam: Facebook Data Leak Details, About



Cambridge Analytica Scam: Facebook Data Leak- Details, About

Social Media giant ‘Facebook’ has caught an eye of controversy again in a reference to provide cybersecurity to its users.

Cambridge Analytica, a company which worked for US President, Donald Trump’s in his 2016 political campaign has harvested data of over 5 crores Facebook users without their permission or consent.

Cambridge Analytica reportedly being accused that the firm has used Facebook user’s data in manipulating the opinion of the voters in favor to Donald Trump during 2016 US Presidential Elections.

Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica is a London-based data analytics and political consulting organization, founded in 2013 with the help of Steve Bannon, former chief strategist of Donald Trump and former head of alt-right media platform Breitbart News.

Cambridge Analytica was formed as a subsidiary of SCL group that offers services to businesses and political organizations to change audience behavior.

Cambridge Analytica Company’s CEO is Alexander Nix, It analyses huge amounts of data and uses behavioral science to help identify people that various organizations can target.

Cambridge Analytica has also worked for India in 2010 Bihar state elections, in which more than 90% of clients were benefited to victory after using company service.


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