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Australian National University (ANU) mapped Global Priority area to Protect mammals



Global Priority area to Protects mammals mapped with a focus on species with few close relatives in a study at Australian National University (ANU)

Including part of India, Scientists have mapped priority area around the world, to protect thousands of mammal species with a focus on species with few close relatives.

The researcher led a study at Australian National University (ANU) used maps of nearly 4,700 land mammals’ habitats and information on how species are related to each other to identify important place across the world for protecting the world’s mammal diversity.

This is the first ever mapping of these priority areas for preserving the diversity of mammal evolution along with minimum target areas for habitat protection.

The study tries to protect all land mammals, but top priority is given to those species which have no close relatives because if they were lost there would be nothing like they left.

The study recognized the top places in every continent, including parts of coastal Queensland, China and Spain, Australian deserts near Alice Springs, Sumatra, and Java, and Madagascar.


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