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Digi Locker: For Civil pensioners features, support, online security, online document



Digi Locker from Central government civil pensioners can store their Pension Payment Order online for the ease of availability

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions has provided a facility to central government civil pensioners top store their PPO Document Digitally in Digi locker online.

As the issue was that pensioners had to keep that one important document and provide their original copy to get their pension and if that document was not available because of any cause then pensioners were getting lots of problems in getting pensions.

Over the long period of time misplacement of that original document was creating problems in it.

It was a dilemma for newly retired officials to physically receive hard copies of the PPO in the view of the common pandemic of Covid-19.

This system allows every Pensioner from their Digi Locker account to receive an instant print of the latest copy of their PPO.

This plan would archive their respective PPOs on Digi Locker indefinitely and remove gaps in hitting the PPO for new pensioners as well as the need to send a physical copy

This system was developed with Bhavishya software, which is a single pensioners' portal interface from the beginning of pension processing right through to the end of the process. "Bhavishya" will provide retired employees with the option to seamlessly link their Digi-locker accounts to their "Bhavishya." 


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