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Mid Day Meal :Implementation models and Criticism



Mid Day Meal : Implementation models and Criticism

Three types of models are mentioned below:

Decentralized model – It means Preparing meals on the site by local cooks,self-help groups etc.

Centralized model – Under this model an external organization cooks food and delivers it to the schools.

International assistance – Various international charity organizations aid government schools.

Criticism of the Midday Meal Scheme

*India faces severe issues like child stunting, child mortality, child wasting and undernourishment.

* India rank's 94 in Global Hunger Index 2020.

*Caste-based discrimination -The 2008 Report by the National Campaign on Dalit Rights to the UN Committee on Economic,

Social and Cultural Rights highlighted that midday meals are usually served in upper-caste localities.

*The National Family Health Survey 2015-16 reported 39 percent of children to be chronically undernourished.

*Often media reports mention the health of children deteriorating with the food provided under the midday meals.

*Linking Aadhar to midday meal scheme is also a demerit of limiting the children’s access to the MDMS.


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