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The International Cricket Council(ICC) Men's T20 World Cup:History, Detail, Schedule



The International Cricket Council(ICC) Men's T20 World Cup 

TheInternational Cricket Council(ICC) Men's T20 World Cup is an international Twenty20 cricket tournament. The International Cricket Council(ICC) Men’s T20 World Cup was earlier known as ICC World Twenty20. The competition of the International Cricket Council (ICC) presently has 16 teams, with the top ten teams from the rankings at the time of the deadline and six additional teams selected through the T20 World Cup Qualifier. All of the games are Twenty20 Internationals.

T20 cricket, or Twenty20 cricket, is a newly introduced variant of cricket from general one-day matches. It is defined as a short cricket match limited to 20 overs of gameplay, lasting about 80 minutes per innings, with a half-hour interval in between. T20 cricket dates back to 2003 when it was first introduced by the England and Wales Cricket Board. Cricket analysts and fans have had different views on the format.

Covid-19 Effect on ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 

The tournament has traditionally taken place every two years. However, the following edition of the tournament was supposed to be held in Australia in 2020, but due to COVID-19, it has been postponed to 2021, with India as five years after the 2016 edition finished, the host. The matches were moved to the United Arab Emirates and Oman due to the COVID-19 outbreak in India. In May 2016, the ICC proposed that a tournament be held in 2018, with South Africa as a probable host. However, following the end of the 2017 International Cricket Council(ICC) Champions Trophy, the International Cricket Council(ICC) decided to abandon plans for a 2018 tournament.

Only the West Indies, who currently holds the championship, have won all six tournaments, have won the tournament several times. India won the inaugural 2007 World Twenty20 in South Africa, defeating Pakistan in the final at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg. In 2009, the event was hosted in England, and Pakistan, the previous runner-up, won it by defeating Sri Lanka in the final at Lord's. The third tournament was held in 2010 in the countries that make up the West Indies cricket team. England defeated Australia in the final at Kensington Oval in Barbados to win their first international championship. The fourth event is now underway.

The History Of Tournament, World Cup


In 1975, England hosted the inaugural Cricket World Cup. The first three meetings were named the Prudential Cup thanks to the sponsorship of prudential plc, a financial services business.

Cricket matches were played with conventional white jerseys and red balls and lasted 60 overs per participant. The matches were only contested during the day, and the tournament only happened every four years

.Until the 1992 Cricket World Cup, only eight teams played in the cricket game. Later on, the number of teams was certainly increased, and 16 teams played in the 2007 Cricket World Cup.

In 1975, England, New Zealand, India, East Africa, Australia, the West Indies, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka joined, and in 1979, East Africa took the place of Canada. In 1983, Zimbabwe was admitted to the competition, and Canada was ejected.

The same teams played in the 1987 Cricket World Cup.

South Africa joined the group in 1992, and the Cricket tournament that year had nine teams.

Three new teams from the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, and Kenya had increased the number of teams to twelve by 1996. Bangladesh and Scotland were replaced by the UAE and the Netherlands for the 1999 Cricket World Cup..

The first three World Cup matches were held in England, while the 1987 event was the first World Cup match contested outside of England. Unbiased umpires were first used in the 1987 Cricket World Cup. During the 1996 Cricket World Cup, the third umpire was first seen in front of a television monitor.

More records have been set in the history of the cricket world cup thanks to all nine matches.

Top bowling analysis, best bowling financial system rate, best bowling strike rate, top wicket-takers, premier team totals, lowest team totals, all significant cricket catches, and really the most dismissals are among the records.

Though the cricket world cup initially drew only a few hundred viewers, it has already captivated millions who are eagerly anticipating this year's competition


T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule

Match no.                   Date                     Vs                            Round 

1                                       17-10-21                          Sri Lanka vs Ireland                              1st Group A

2                                       18-10-21                        Papua New Guinea vs Oman                     1st Group A

3                                       19-10-21                         Bangladesh vs Namibia                           1st Group B

4                                      19-10-21                          Netherlands vs Scotland                          1st Group B

5                                      20-10-21                         Ireland vs Oman                                      1st Group A

6                                      20-10-21                         Sri Lanka vs Papua New Guinea                 1st Group A

7                                      21-10-21                        Namibia vs Scotland                                  1st Group B

8                                      21-10-21                        Bangladesh vs Netherlands                        1st Group B

9                                      22-10-21                       Papua New Guinea vs Ireland                      1st Group A

10                                    22-10-21                           Sri Lanka vs Oman                                 1st Group A

11                                    23-10-21                           Netherlands vs Namibia                          1st Group B

12                                    23-10-21                            Bangladesh vs Scotland                         1st Group B

13                                    24-10-21                             Australia vs Pakistan                             Super 12 Group 1

14                                    24-10-21                             India vs South Africa                             Super 12 Group 2

15                                   25-10-21                               TBC vs TBC                                         Super 12 Group 1

16                                   25-10-21                            New Zealand vs West Indies                    Super 12 Group 1

17                                   26-10-21                            Afghanistan vs TBC                                 Super 12 Group 2

18                                   26-10-21                             England vs TBC                                      Super 12 Group 2

19                                   27-10-21                             New Zealand vs TBC                              Super 12 Group 1

20                                   28-10-21                                Afghanistan vs TBC                             Super 12 Group 2

21                                   28-10-21                                Australia vs West Indies                        Super 12 Group 1

22                                   29-10-21                                 Pakistan vs TBC                                   Super 12 Group 1

23                                   29-10-21                                   India vs TBC                                      Super 12 Group 2

24                                   30-10-21                                   England vs South Africa                       Super 12 Group 2

25                                   30-10-21                                 West Indies vs TBC                               Super 12 Group 1

26                                   31-10-21                                  New Zealand vs Pakistan                      Super 12 Group 1

27                                   31-10-21                                 Australia vs TBC                                    Super 12 Group 1

28                                   01-11-21                                Afghanistan vs South Africa                     Super 12 Group 2

29                                   01-11-21                                 India vs England                                     Super 12 Group 2 

30                                   02-11-21                                 TBC vs TBC                                            Super 12 Group 2

31                                   02-11-21                                  New Zealand vs TBC                               Super 12 Group 1

32                                    04-11-21                                  Australia vs TBC                                     Super 12 Group 1

34                                    04-11-21                                 Afghanistan vs England                             Super 12 Group 2

35                                     05-11-21                                 South Africa vs TBC                                 Super 12 Group 2

36                                     05-11-21                                  India vs TBC                                           Super 12 Group 2

37                                     06-11-21                                  Pakistan vs TBC                                       Super 12 Group 1

38                                      06-11-21                                 Australia vs New Zealand                          Super 12 Group 1

39                                      07-11-21                                 England vs TBC                                        Super 12 Group 2

40                                      07-11-21                                  West Indies vs TBC                                  Super 12 Group 1

41                                      08-11-21                                   South Africa vs TBC                                 Super 12 Group 2

42                                       08-11-21                                  India vs Afghanistan                                Super 12 Group 2







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