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29 July: International Tiger Day 2019 Theme, Aim, Details, Significance, Census



29 July: International Tiger Day 2019 Theme, Aim, Details, Significance, Census

International Tiger Day also called as 'Global Tiger Day' is celebrated every year on 29 July around the world.

International Tiger Day aims to raise awareness about tiger conservation, promote the protection of the natural habitat of tigers and support tiger conservation issues. 

International Tiger Day was instituted in 2010 at Saint Petersberg Tiger Summit in Russia in view of alarming fall in the number of wild tigers.

Saint Petersberg Tiger Summit had issued the St. Petersburg Declaration on TigerConservation where Governments of tiger populated countries had vowed to double the tiger population by the year 2020.

2019 Tiger Census

PM Narendra Modi released Tiger Estimation Report on International Tiger Day 2019 that describes the present number and situation of tigers in India.

2967 Tigers (India)

According to WWF, the last census done in 2014 had counted total 2,226 tigers, 76% of the total, through images from the camera-traps deployed in the forests all across India.

It is has been found that in the last century, 97% of all wild tigers had disappeared due to many factors including:

1. Poaching and illegal trade: Tigers face poaching for the demand of every part of their body from whiskers to tail for traditional Chinese medicines. 

2. Habitat loss: Clearing of forests for various purposes for agriculture, timber, development activity has lead to a loss of 93% of the natural habitat of tigers.

3. Climate change: Rising sea level as a result of climate change is wiping out Sundarbans, one of the last remaining habitats of majestic Royal Bengal tigers.


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