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History: French Revolution One Liner GK GS Bulletins

Some Important French Revolution in One Linear GK GS Bulletins

1 When did the be in practice in France in 1789?

Ans. Autocracy.

3 Who was the king of France at the time of Revolution?

Ans. Louis XVI.

4 To which dynasty Louis XVI belonged?

Ans. Bourbon Dynasty

5  Who came under the First Estate?

Ans. The Clergy.

6 Who was the leader of the Jacobin club?

Ans. Robespierre.

7 Who belonged to the Third Estate?

Ans. The businessmen, merchants, court officials, lawyers, peasants, artisans, landless laborers and servants, all formed the Third Estate.

8 Name the author the book social Contract?

Ans. Rousseau.

9 What is the meaning of sans-culottes?

Ans. Those without knee breeches were known as sans-culottes.

10 What do you know about Marseillaise?

Ans. Marseillaise was the patriotic song composed by the poet Roget-de-L’ Isle. Later it became the national anthem of France. 

11 Which Estate of French society paid all taxes?

Ans. Third Estate.

12 Name some prominent revolutionary woven of France.

Ans. Olympe de Gouges, Charlotte Corday and Marie Jeanne Ronald.

13 Name the three major parts of the machinery of the Ronald.

Ans (a) The law of suspects (b) Revolutionary Tribunal (c) The square of the Revolution.

14 When and where was Napolean finally defeated?

Ans. In 1815 at the battle of Waterloo.


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