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safe cities index 2021: Copenhagen, world's safest city, Indian safe cities



Safe Cities Index 2021 has been issued, Copenhagen is The World’s Safest City, Two Indian Cities Also On List 

Safe Cities Index 2021 was just issued by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), a division of The Economist Group. Using data from the fourth index, which looked at 76 different aspects of city security, National Electrical Code (NEC) Corporation funded this study. The study focused on the safety of people and the environment, as well as their digital and health information.

Despite trailing well behind overall winner Copenhagen, the Danish capital, New Delhi and Mumbai placed in the top 50 cities on the worldwide Safe Cities Index 2021, with scores of 56.1 and 54.4, respectively (82.4 points). On the list of top ten cities, you'll find cities such as Amsterdam, Wellington, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Toronto, Melbourne and Stockholm.


According to the findings, Mumbai is the 50th most populous city in the world, while Delhi is the 48th largest. Mumbai comes out on top when all the data is evaluated, earning a final score of 54.4. It comes in at number 53 when it comes to digital security. Mumbai, on the other hand, was ranked 44th for health security and 48th for infrastructure security.

However, many individuals disagree with the list's categorization of Delhi as a safe city, especially in terms of women's safety. NCR says Kolkata has been India's safest city for women for the past two years.


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