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International Astronomical Union(IAU) Lunar Crater After Arctic Explorer Matthew Henson 

The International Astronomical Union has named a crater at the Moon's the South Pole after Matthew Henson, an Arctic explorer who was the world's top explorer in 1909. Between de Gerlache and Sverdrup, craters lie, Hansen Crater, which is located at the Moon's South Pole. This is the same region on the Moon where NASA's Artemis mission hopes to land its astronauts.

This suggestion came from Jordan Bretzfelder, an exploration science summer intern with the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, Texas, US. This institute is a member institute of the Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute. Intern Bretzfelder noted that "It was a disservice that Henson's contributions to polar science had not been recognized." NASA's chief scientist also said, "Henson exemplifies the kind of exploration that NASA is trying to do today."

About Matthew Henson

Matthew Henson was in the vanguard of the group exploration of the poles during Peary's voyage to the North Pole in the Arctic area. Henson's footprints were the first of this group to be found at the North Pole. Although it is possible that the indigenous peoples of the Arctic who lived in this area may have discovered this pole, but from Henson's description, he was the first human to reach the summit of the world. Matthew Henson born in 1866 in Maryland, Henson was a seasoned explorer and skilled carpenter. They were organized by Robert Peary.

About the Artemis Mission and Henson Crater

Between de Gerlache and Sverdrup craters, Hansen Crater is located at the Moon's South Pole. The crater is in the same area on the Moon where NASA's Artemis program aims to land its lunar explorers.

NASA's Artemis mission aims to study planetary processes and then build the infrastructure to advance human exploration on the Moon and then Mars. NASA also said that naming Henson Crater after Matthew Henson "is a fitting continuation of the incredible journeys that Earth explorers like Henson made a century ago."


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