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Government launches new portal to find lost or stolen phones



Telecom Minister launched a new portal to find lost or stolen phones across the country 

Union Telecom Minister launched the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) in a bid to curtail the rampant cloning and theft of the mobile phones across the country. The project has started on a pilot basis in Maharashtra and later it will be implemented across the country. 


Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) is a database of International Mobile Equipment Identities (IMEIs), the 15-digit numbers that uniquely identify each mobile device. 

It is being launched to curtail the rampant cloning and theft of mobile phones across the country. 

Curtailment of counterfeit mobiles, blocking of lost or stolen mobiles across networks thus discouraging theft of mobile phones, maintaining a registry of all equipment identity to facilitate database of valid devices, and facilities IMEI-based lawful interception. 

It will be a database of IMEI numbers that will consist of three lists- white, grey, and black. 

Mobile phones with IMEI numbers in the white list will be permitted for use. Those in the blacklist will be the ones that are reported stolen or lost and will not be allowed to access the network. Those in the greylist will be the ones that do not conform to standards but will be permitted to connect under supervision.  


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