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Lunar Eclipse 2019 On 16th July and 17th July: Time, Features, Places

Lunar Eclipse 2019 On 16th July and 17th July: Time, Features, Places

Lunar Eclipse 2019 on 16th July 16 and 17th July will witness the partial lunar eclipse in India and few other parts of the world including the areas of Europe, Africa, South America, and Australia.

The partial lunar eclipse is a part of Moon comes under the Earth's shadow. This will be the last lunar eclipse of the year 2019.

The Moon will enter the penumbra on July 17 at 12:13 am IST and will enter the umbra region at 1:31 am IST. The intensity of the partial lunar eclipse will be highest (the time at which at the largest chunk of the moon will be covered by Earth's shadow and thus, will appear dark) at 3:00 am IST.

The Moon will leave the umbra region at 4:29 am IST, which also marks the end of the partial lunar eclipse. The Moon will exit the penumbra region at 5:47 am IST.

The total eclipse duration will be 2 hours, 57 minutes and 56 seconds.

The partial lunar eclipse has a special significance for people in India as it marks a coincidence happening after 149 years. The Guru Purnima celebrated in India will happen on the same day.

Partial Lunar Eclipse

When the Earth comes in between the Moon and the Sun and casts its shadow over the Moon, cutting off its source of illumination and making parts of it appear dark, the event is caused a lunar eclipse. When the Moon is fully covered by Earth's shadow, it is called a full lunar eclipse, but when only a small portion of the moon appears dark due to incomplete overlapping, it is called a partial lunar eclipse


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