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Padam Vibhushan Arjan Singh profile, achievements, awards, war medals



IAF Marshal Arjan Singh profile, achievements, awards, war medals, glorious events of life

Indian Air Force Marshal Arjan Singh was born on 15th April 1919 in Faisalabad (Currently in Pakistan) in an army family. Arjan Singh joins Royal Air Force College at the age of 19 years. 

During the second world war, he fought with Japanese army in Barma from the side of British with meritorious courage and making glory in the history as a British-Army pilot officer.

Arjan Singh has great achievement in serving Indian Air Force as Chief of Staff during the Indo-Pak conflict in 1965. 

Arjan Singh received Padam Vibhushan award for his glorious services to the country and leading Indian Air Force in the historic war against enemy country Pakistan.

Marshal Arjan Singh was only Air Force officer who got Field Marshal rank in Indian Air Force.

On Arjan Singh 97th birthday, Panagarh Air Base in West Bengal named after him. He became the first person getting this achievement as a living person.

After retirement, Arjan Singh represents India as Ambassador in Switzerland. In 1989, he became Vice-Governor of Delhi.

In his glorious flying career, Arjan Singh handles 60 types of planes. He became a guide for Indian Air Force with his immense enthusiasm for the flight for the country.

Padam Vibhsahan Arjan Singh died on 16th September 2017 evening at Army hospital in New Delhi following cardiac arrest.

Marshal Arjan Singh exploratory career will keep the enlightening coming generation of Air Force and diplomats in India.


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