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14th Jan: Makar Sankranti significance, celebration, kite flying



Makar Sankranti celebration all over the country, importance, kite flying celebration on 14th January 2017

Makar Sankranti is a day when Sun enters in Capricorn and the day of this day is jiggery and sesame seeds.

From Makar Sankranti day it is believed that the day starts increasing and nights decreases.

As the sun is the main source of energy, it marks a significance for Hinduism to celebrate Makar Sankranti.

Sesame seeds and jiggery is consumed as both keeps the body warm in cold weather

Makar Sankranti comes in the month of January in Cold weather and sesame and jaggery has a connection to this.

Another significance of this day is charity, people give donations to the poor like woollen clothes, fruits, textile, wheat etc.

It is believed that the person who give donations and gifts attains salvation.

The people fly kites on this day as the direct rays of the sun destroy all the winter diseases from the body.


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