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World Tsunami Day on 5 November for Tsunami disaster awareness



World celebrates World Tsunami Day to spread awareness and safeguard knowhow of Tsunami on 5 November 

World Tsunami Day is observed all around the World on 5th November 2016.

This day aims at spreading awareness of Tsunamis and the measures or steps to be taken to face them.

Tsunami are large waves which are caused by seafloor movement by landslides or earthquakes

More than 2,60,000 people have died due till now from 58 different Tsunamis.

The speed of Tsunami is determined by the depth of water, as the depth of the water decreases, the speed of Tsunami also decreases.

But it does not apply to the height of the Tsunami, when the depth is low, the height is high.

This day also celebrated spread awareness and prevention from Tsunami by educating people about the best places to run far from coasts and at high altitudes. 


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