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World Tsunami Awareness Day Celebrations On 5th November 2018 Theme, Aim, History



World Tsunami Awareness Day Celebrations On 5th November 2018: Theme, Details, Aim, Significance, History

World Tsunami Awareness Day is celebrated on 5th November every year among people across the world in matters related to the dangers of the Tsunami. 

World Tsunami Awareness Day stresses the importance of early warning systems in order to mitigate damage from the devastating natural calamity.

World Tsunami Awareness Day-2018 theme is 'Building Resilient and Inclusive Societies'

World Tsunami Awareness Day was first observed across the world on 5 November 2016 with the theme “Effective Education and Evacuation Drills”.

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) had constituted the day by adopting a resolution in December 2015. The proposal was first proposed by Japan after the 3rd UN Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction held in Sendai (Japan) in March 2015.


World Tsunami Awareness Day was designated on 5th November by UNGA to coincide with the annual anniversary of the 1854 Inamura-no-hi (Fire of Inamura) event.

On this day in 1854, a villager in Wakayama Prefecture in Japan through his quick action had saved countless lives after he had set fire to sheaves of rice on the top of a hill, thus warning people of the imminent danger of a tsunami. This was the first documented instance of a tsunami early warning.


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