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Paytm charges 1% of amount to transfer money in bank accounts



Amount in Paytm wallet to transfer in bank account only 1% charge deducted

The officials of Paytm stated that people can transfer the amount in Paytm wallet to their bank account and for this 1% charge is to be deducted.

The users who filled the KYC or not both can transfer the amount from Paytm wallet to bank accounts

The users who have not filled the KYC would be provided 3 days waiting period and after this period they can transfer the amount in banks.

The users who filled KYC can transfer the amount immediately but not less than Rs.100.

Earlier, Paytm used to charge 4% for users who have not filled KYC and 1% who filled KYC and also 45 days waiting period was provided to new users.

Paytm has taken this decision to attract more customers and businessman to make payments through Paytm.


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