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UAE & Saudi Arabian central banks launch common digital currency 'Aber'



UAE & Saudi Arabian central banks launch common digital currency 'Aber': Details, Objective, Benefits, Highlights

The UAE and Saudi Arabia central banks will launch a common digital currency called Aber.

Aber, the digital currency will be used for financial settlements between the two countries through Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers technologies.

Aber, the digital currency would be launched to explore the following benefits:

Aber, the digital currency would aid in studying the impact on the improvement and reduction of remittance costs and the assessments of risks.

Aber will establish an additional means for the central financial transfer systems of the two countries and enable banks to directly deal with each other in conducting financial remittances.

Initially, the use of the digital currency will be restricted to a limited number of banks. By studying the various technical, economic and legal requirements, the use of the digital currency would be expanded.

Digital Currency Aber relies on the use of a distributed database between the central banks and the participating banks from both sides. Digital Currency is part of the efforts to adopt new technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, etc., in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is reshaping governments and corporates around the world.


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