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Azaadi Ke Diwane Museum Inaugurated at Red Fort, New Delhi



Azaadi Ke Diwane Museum Inaugurated at Red Fort, New Delhi: Details, Features, Highlights

The ‘Azaadi ke Diwane’ museum dedicated to the unsung heroes of the country’s freedom struggle was inaugurated at the Red Fort premises.

The ‘Azaadi ke Diwane’ museum is built by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). It pays homage to hundreds of freedom fighters who do not find mention in popular culture.

The ‘Azaadi ke Diwane’ museum has attempted to document these unsung hero’s contributions to India’s Freedom Struggle.

The ‘Azaadi ke Diwane’ museum pays tribute to the selfless sacrifices of the revolutionaries, brave women freedom fighters and valiant children.

The ‘Azaadi ke Diwane’ museum is part of Kranti Mandir Series to inspire the younger generation and to let them know the cost of freedom that the great fighters achieved by sacrificing their lives.

The ‘Azaadi ke Diwane’ museum is a digitized and interactive museum with a state-of-the-art, informative and educational exhibition allowing the visitors to engage with the exhibits through multi-sensor technology.



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