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Mark Zuckerberg introduces Jarvis created in his spare time



Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, introduces ‘Jarvis’ to the World which he created in his spare time

‘Jarvis’ is an artificial intelligence system which can play music, turn on lights, recognise, visitors, deciding whether to open the dooror not and many other works.

Mark Zuckerberg wrote that Jarvis proved humanity is both ‘closer and farther off’ from an AI breakthrough that we imagine.

Jarvis project recognises face, runs music

About Jarvis Project, Mark Zuckerberg wrote that this year, he did face recognition, speech recognition, and others are all variants of the same fundamental pattern recognition techniques.

By the end of the year Jarvis was able to respond to text and voice commands and could run music, air-conditioners, doors and other systems.

There is a messenger bolt which allows Zuckerberg to communicate and command Jarvis from anywhere.


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