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Apple: new iOS equipped with own Search Engine Features, Methodology, Latest Updates



Apple new iOS14 coming with its very own Search Engine, Features, Preparation, Job Vacancy, Methodology 

It is stated that Apple will start a search engine of its own. According to an online article, the shift from job announcements for search engineers to their spotlight project bypassing Google search for iOS 14 beta has several signs.

Google is currently paying billions of dollars to apple to be the default iOS, iPad, and mac business search engine. However, in July, a paper reported that a UK Market Regulator has been aware of this contract. All these factors lead towards the presumption that Cupertino's own search engine can indeed be created.

Coywolf hypothesized that the Apple search engine could serve as a customized data center via the job descriptions and spotlight search actions.

The post suggested that AI and ML could be used and display search results based on addresses, information, e-mails, activities, data, notes, charts, songs, news, images, records and videos from the iOS user, third-Party applications and much more, but that the results are unlike those of the Google Assistant on Android devices, and could be "fully private."

The article also hypothesized that the latest search motor from Apple could threaten Google's search hegemony and influence ad sales and data mining.


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