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FIT International Translation Day for worldwide connect on 30 Sep



International Translation Day celebrated on 30th September every year on feast of bible translator

The International Federation of Translators launched the idea of International Translators Day in the year 1953.

It is celebrated on the feast of a Bible Translator Saint Jerom who was believed as the benefactor of the saints of translators.

FIT launched this day to promote the world wide connection by promoting worldwide translation profession.

A different sequence of events and sessions on women writers are held across the world.

Translation as a profession, connecting world

It is an opportunity for the students, reviewers, bloggers etc. to choose translation as a profession which is increasing day by day and also to celebrate success.

The role of translator is to facilitate communication between two groups and achieve a common goal.

The main objective to break down the barriers of communication and make the world a better place to live in.


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