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Google Doodle Celebrates 82nd Birthday of Computer Scientist Michael Dertouzos



Google Doodle Celebrates the 82nd Birthday of Computer Scientist Michael Dertouzos on 5th November 2018: Details, Profile, Career Achievements, Highlights

Search engine giant Google is celebrating the 82nd birth anniversary of Greek professor & Computer Scientist 'Michael Leonidas Dertouzos' with a colorful doodle on 5th November 2018.

Today, Google doodle has showcased an animated image of Michael Dertouzos teaching and writing on class board with spreadsheets, world wide web icon and encryption sign. Google has also arranged its doodle words within the image with color-themed green.

Michael Dertouzos was a Greek professor in the departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T), United States. He was also the Director of the M.I.T. Laboratory for Computer Science (LCS) from the year1974 to 2001.

Michael Dertouzos was born on 5th November 1936 in Athens, Greece. He was the son of a concert pianist and an admiral in the Greek navy.  After graduation from Athens College, he attended the University of Arkansas on a Fulbright Scholarship and earned a Ph.D. from MIT, joining the faculty in 1968.

Under Michael Dertouzos wise guidance, the M.I.T Laboratory for Computer Science grew into a thriving research center employing hundreds of people collaborating on innovations like distributed systems, time-sharing computers, the ArpaNet, and RSA encryption, an algorithm used to ensure secure data transmission.

Michael Dertouzos also worked to make LCS the North American home of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an alliance of companies promoting the Web's evolution and interconnectivity. 

Michael Dertouzos died on 27th August 2001 (aged 64 years) in Boston, US. He was buried at the First Cemetery of Athens.




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