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McKinsey Global Report: India's Gender Inequality Is High In Politics & Workplaces



McKinsey Global Report: India's Gender Inequality Is High In Politics & Workplaces- Details

According to the recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) for the Asia-Pacific region, India Gender inequality is extremely high at the workplace and in terms of legal protection and political voice.

McKinsey Global report had assessed inequality on the basis of Gender Parity Score (GPS) that uses 15 indicators of gender equality in work and society under four broad categories. It ranks countries on a scale of 0 (signifying inequality) to 1 (signifying parity).

India’s score was 0.30 in gender equality at work and 0.78 in legal protection and political voice. It is behind Asia-Pacific average in all four categories of GPS, but ahead of Bangladesh and Pakistan.

It has progressed faster than any other country in Asia-Pacific region in last decade, primarily due to advances in the education of girl child and reduction in maternal mortality.

Benefits of advancing women’s equality: It will add $4.5 trillion to collective GDP of Asia Pacific countries annually in 2025, a 12% increase over business-as-usual GDP trajectory. This presumes best-in-region scenario in which each country matches rate of progress of fastest-improving country in its region — China in the case of the Asia-Pacific.

In case of India, it will add $770 billion in 2025 over and above its business-as-usual GDP.


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