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ISRO postpones the launch of GSAT-18, weight, new launch date



ISRO Postpones to launch GSAT-18

Indian Space Reasearch Organistaion has postponed the launch of GSAT-18 by a day due to heavy cross winds.

GSAT-18 was scheduled to launch on 4 or 5 October 2016 at IST 2 am from French Guiana.

GSAT-18 to launch in Geosynchronus Transfer Orbit

GSAT-18 will be launch in a Geosynchronus Transfer Orbit to provide services to C-band, extended C-band and Ku bands.

Along with GSAT-18 one more satellite Sky Muster II will also be launching for Australia.

This satellite has been designed to operate for 15 years and will be positioned in 74 degrees East Longitude.

It carries 3404 kgs of weight with 48 communication transponders to provide services in normal C-band and Ku-bands of the frequency spectrum.

The Ku-band will help in pointing ground antennas towards the satellite.

ISRO has also launched 8 satellite to launch in two different orbits.


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