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Law and Act: National Medical Commission Bill Features, Benefits, Examination



Law and Act: The provisions of the National Medical Commission Bill and License examination

1. Four autonomous boards: There is a provision for making four autonomous boards under the National Medical Commission Bill 2017 in this bill. In addition to looking at undergraduate and post-graduate education, in addition to the recognition of medical institutions and the arrangement of doctors registration. 

2. Medical Advisory Council: A Council will be constituted by the Central Government in which states will be given an opportunity to make their problems and suggestions regarding medical education and training. 

3. Entry examination will be done for admission: At the time of this Bill, only one examination will be taken for admission in Medical Institutes across India and this examination will be called NEET, which means National Eligibility cum Entrance Test.

4. License examination will be conducted: It is also proposed to conduct a license for the examination with the common entrance examination in this bill. Graduates will have to take the examination to practice and then only get a license for medical practice.

5. Medical institutes fees will be decided: These commissions will be decided by the fees of private medical institutions but only 40 per cent seats and 60 per cent seats can be set by the private institutions themselves.

6. Bridge Course Proposal: According to Bill Clause 49, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Greek Doctor will also be able to treat allopathy under the bridge course.

7. According to this bill, how will the appointment be made: Officers of the Medical Council of India were appointed by the election but will nominate a committee constituted by the government in the Medical Commission.


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