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Garuda Shakti military exercise features details



India-Indonesia Joint Military Exercise Garuda Shakti Details, Dates, Features, Purpose

The Indian and Indonesian armies started the 6th edition of their annual military exercise named 'Garuda Shakti' on 19th February 2018 in the West Java province of the archipelago country.

The Garuda Shakti is a two-week long joint military drill, the opening ceremony was held on 19th February 2018 in Bandung, Indonesia and it would be culminate with the closing ceremony to be conducted on 4th March 2018.

The Garuda Shakti joint exercise between Indian and Indonesian Special Forces will showcase their increased trust, cooperation and will inculcate military diplomacy between the two Armies.

The Garuda Shakti joint exercises will include experience sharing in counter-terrorism operations, close quarter combat and other areas of special operations.

Ambassador of India to Indonesia, Pradeep Kumar Rawat attended the opening ceremony and along with Major General TNI Surawahadi, DANPUSENINF, and Brigadier Joko Putranto, Chief of Staff, Division1 Konstrad, inspected the Guard of honor and addressed the army men from both the countries.           


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