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HRIDAY Scheme : Objective and Other Features



HRIDAY Scheme : Main Objective of HRIDAY Scheme

Here are few objectives of HRIDAY Scheme for urban development in heritage sites.

Objectives of HRIDAY Scheme

*Planning,developing and implementing infrastructure keeping in mind the sensitivities of heritage,including service delivery and development of

infrastructure in core areas of historic cities.

*Preserving heritage so that tourist can connect with each heritage city's unique nature.

*Enhancement of basic services like sanitation of public toilets,water taps,security like street lights and in improving tourist facilities.

*Create linkages between cultural facilities and tourism.

*Making cities informative using modern ICT tools and making them secure by CCTV cameras.

*Increasing access to heritage sites by developing roads,GIS mapping of historical locations,adopting the universal design and building a digital record of

the heritage etc.

*To enhance avenues of employment among the people living in and around the sites,promotion of activities is necessary.This includes skill development

among them and making public and culture spaces accessible.

*Establishment of public-private partnership for preserving and maintaining historic buildings .

*By using appropriate technology,maintenance of urban heritage should be accomplished.


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