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Formation of National Assembly on June 17, 1789

Formation of National Assembly on June 17, 1789, and the constitution of France.

Earlier each Estate had one vote and the king wanted to continue the same system. The members of the Third Estate demanded that vote must be taken by individuals and not by Estates or chambers.

If the vote was to be taken individually, the commons would command the majority and the government would be brought under popular control. Naturally, the king rejected the proposal.

Consequently, the members of the Third Estate walked out of the assembly in protest. At last, after much discussion, the members of Third Estate declared themselves National Assembly on June 17, 1789.

By this title, the commons claimed the right to speak and act for the whole nation even though they were not supported by the First and the Second Estates.

They also swore to draft a new constitution for France. Undoubtedly, this action was revolutionary as it was not sanctioned by the constitution of France. It was a great victory for the masses. The formation of the National Assembly marked the end of the absolute and divine-right monarchy. Formation of National Assembly


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