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National Digital Communication Policy: Key facts, Goals, Job opportunities, Outcomes



Empowerment of Digital Communication, Goals, Objectives, Outcomes 

The National Digital Communications Policy, 2018 seeks to unlock the transformative power of digital communications networks - to achieve the goal of digital empowerment and well being of the people of India; and towards this end, attempts to outline a set of goals, initiatives, strategies, and intended policy outcomes.

It has been stated that provision of broadband for all has been made under this. Under the new telecom policy, by 2020, every citizen of the country has set a target of 50 Mbps and each Gram Panchayat will be given a broadband connectivity of one GBPS. is.

About 40 lakh jobs will be created in the field of digital communication. The target of this sector's contribution to the country's GDP has been set at eight percent whereas in the year 2017 it was 6 percent.

In the Information and Communications Technical Development Index, the country will be upgraded from the current 134th place to the top 50 countries.
Development of a new Telecom Ombudsman system and system will be done to maintain a web-based complaint system to solve the needs of consumers.
Significant changes in the spectrum and tower policies have been suggested in the communication policy so that their business is easy to operate.

In order to give new life to the telecom sector struggling with debt problems in C, the goal of attracting more investment through Is of Doing Business has been set.

There is also an emphasis on developing a standard of data protection according to global standards. It has also been suggested that consumers should be made aware of security issues.


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