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Robotarium Features, Objectives, Applications, Cutting edge swarm robotics



Robotarium: A house of swarm hundreds of aerial and ground robots

Multi-robotic testbeds are an integral part of a multi-agent research, yet they are expensive to develop and operate. This, in turn, makes them unaffordable for most but a select few researchers at well-endowed universities slows the rate of progress of multi-agent research.

a remotely accessible, multi-robot research facility. The impetus behind the Robotarium is that multi-robot testbeds constitute an integral and essential part of the multi-robot research cycle, yet they are expensive, complex, and time-consuming to develop, operate, and maintain.

These resource constraints, in turn, limit access for large groups of researchers and students, which is what the Robotarium is remedying by providing users with remote access to a state-of-the-art multi-robot test facility.

These robots are tracked through an integrated overhead camera system that enables them to recharge autonomously. The Robotarium will ultimately facilitate swarm-robotic experiments.

Large numbers of low-cost robots (on the order of hundreds)Convenience features to simplify maintenance of large collectives of robots (automatic registration of robots with a server, autonomous charging, wireless code upload to the robots, automatic sensor calibration).

Immersive user-experience through a fully remotely accessible testbed with live video and data streaming and the option to add virtual robots to the testbed.


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