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World's smallest Artificial flying structure, winged microchip



Northwestern University developed the world's smallest human-made flying structures, a winged microchip, Details

Monitoring the environment will be very easy with the new development of these smallest flying structures by Northwestern University. These have many types of sensors that can record many details from air and surroundings. 

Being a Human-Made the smallest flying structure, This is a grain-size flying microchip that monitors pollution levels and the spread of airborne diseases. Small micro-fliers, designed by engineers at Northwestern University and published in an article published this week in Nature, are touted as the smallest man-made flying structures. It has no engine or engine, but can be managed.

The devices lack a motor and is inspired by the free-falling propeller seeds of the maple tree, known as samara fruit. The aerodynamics of the microfliers were built in such a way that when these structures fall through the air, the contact between the air and those wings causes a rotating motion, resulting in a highly stable, slow-falling velocity. The wind will disperse small microchips capable of sensing and gathering information about their surroundings. According to experts, they might be used to monitor pollutants, population surveillance, or even diseases.


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