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Distribution of Volcanoes and Volcanic activity across the World Map



Global Distribution of Volcanoes across the planet Earth

Most of the volcanoes in the world are found in three well-defined belts:

1. The Circum-Pacific Belt (The Pacific Ring of Fire)

The Pacific Ring of Fire covers the maximum part of the globe in a ring-shaped from South-East Asian countries Indonesia, the Philippines to the South China Sea, Japan, Siberia, Alaska, California to South America and New Zealand.  

2. The Mid-World Mountain Belt.

Mid World Mountain present in Europe and Greenland. One of the notorious volcano Visuvious falls in this region.

3. The African Rift Valley Belt.

African Rift Valley Belt Volcanoes are comparatively dormant with the highest Volcano on the planet Kilimanjaro in the region.

Alongside these three regions, the sea bed of the Atlantic and pacific ocean is highly active for the volcanic activities.


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