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Note ban: Congress releases book Arthquake on demonetisation move



The Congress party releases a book on Arthquake stating the demonetisation move by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

‘Arthquake’, 16-page hindi booklet released by congress slams the government’s demonetisation move.

The Congress claimed the fact that demonetisation has been an attack in the economy.

The title compete with the in-you-face cover image of a large rupee sign showing cracks of having suffered an actual earthquake

The booklet comprises of 11 chapters and 5 questions and 5 demands has been addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.

The first chapter us ‘Demonetisation Modi-Made Disaster’, second chapter-‘The biggest Scam of India’ and third chapter- ‘Implementation: Monumental Mismanagement by BJP government’.

The other chapter is ‘Jan Virodhi: Narendra Modi’, the book was unveiled after the PM’s speech on New year’s eve.


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