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UN Secretary General sets panel on digital cooperation to combat cybersecurity threat



UN Secretary General sets panel on digital cooperation to combat cybersecurity threat- Details, Aim, Functions, Composition, Significance/Need

United Nations (UN) Secretary General Antonio Guterres has established the first-ever panel on digital cooperation aimed at addressing concerns of cybersecurity threats and rise in hate speech.

The high-level panel on digital cooperation will be co-chaired by US philanthropist Melinda Gates and China-based Alibaba founder Jack Ma.

The high-level panel will have 20 members in total and include leaders from technology, public policy, science, and academia etc. Senior Indian diplomat Amandeep Singh Gill along with former diplomat Jovan Kurbalija will be executive directors of panel’s secretariat.

The panel will map trends in digital technologies, identify gaps and opportunities and outline proposals for strengthening international cooperation. It will also focus on cyber-bullying, abuse rise, fake news, cyber crime and security aspects.


Digital technologies are expanding rapidly and are changing economies and societies at warp speed. At the same time, the world is only beginning to address its dark side– such as cybersecurity threats, risks of cyber warfare magnification of hate speech and violations of privacy.

The global community is also facing uncertainness about security, equity, ethics, and human rights in the digital age. Fake news, poisoning of data, electoral manipulation are concerns that have been highlighted by recent developments.

Thus, there is a need to seize the potential of technology while safeguarding against risks and unintended consequences.


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